Next Generation Trust, a custodian of self-directed IRAs, has created a white paper program that caters to the needs of current clients while offering valuable content to attract prospective clients. I just completed the latest addition to its white paper library: Avoiding a Prohibited Transaction for Your Self-Directed IRA.

Next Generation Trust’s white papers are part of its broader strategy to educate individuals about the benefits and options for self-directed IRAs, a small but growing segment of retirement accounts that enable investors to expand beyond the standard mutual funds and money market funds of traditional IRAs to build portfolios of precious metals, real estate, private placements and other alternative assets

Why white papers work

Next Generation Trust has a two-fold content marketing challenge:

  • Raise visibility and credibility for a relatively new type of retirement account
  • Explain the do’s and don’ts of self-directed IRAs

White papers are a great tool for doing both. In the case of prohibited transactions, the white paper offers a lucid explanation about what the IRA constitutes as prohibited transactions and the possibly severe consequences for these improper investments. Another recent white paper I wrote provides a step-by-step guide on IRS requirements for investors to obtain and report the annual fair market value of their alternative assets.

White papers deserve a place in most companies’ content marketing programs. They confer many benefits, including establishing thought leadership, which builds credibility, and generating leads during the buying cycle. And as Next Generation Trust can attest, they provide valuable relationship-building opportunities with existing clients. For companies looking to improve interactions along the customer journey, white papers offer a vital and versatile appeal.