4 out of 5

customers say the experience is as important as product quality and price according to 2018 Salesforce research

It’s the customer experience

Now is not the time to coast. Your customer’s journey doesn’t end with the sale, so your content marketing strategy and program shouldn’t either.

Content marketing at this stage is about:

  • Keeping them current with new content and ideas produced for the buyer’s journey—social media, press releases, blog posts, ebooks, media coverage and more
  • Maximizing ROI—newsletters, glossaries, onboarding materials and tutorials, new feature/new product videos and webinars
  • Involving them in the brand—joint industry presentations, case studies, guest blog posts, video testimonials, customer surveys

The focus is on:

  • Cementing relationships
  • Delivering an exceptional customer experience
  • Building loyalty
  • Deepening engagement
  • Generating referrals
  • Securing repeat sales
  • Cross-selling and upselling