Strategic communications can help you break through the rising cacophony that is competing for the attention of your key stakeholders, including customers, prospects, investors and employees. Padovani Communications offers a range of services for connecting with, engaging and winning over your important audiences.

Corporate positioning and message development

We develop market positions that are clear and compelling. They are true to who you are and your vision for the future, so they also are credible. Our structured approach to message development and corporate positioning will give you a platform for building a consistent and distinctive image with all stakeholders. Read a case study.

Executive communications and thought leadership

Senior executives play a critical role in building and burnishing their organization’s image and market position, externally as well as internally. A sophisticated thought leadership program can help an organization advance its strategic objectives by staking out insightful and authoritative views on important issues for your company, your customers, your shareholders and your industry. 

With a targeted campaign of speeches, white papers, bylined articles, blog entries and more, Padovani Communications collaborates with an organization’s leaders to establish them as sought-after experts. Read a case study.

Marketing communications

Your organization needs smart, persuasive materials to drive business. These materials must reinforce your corporate messages and positioning while establishing your expertise, capabilities and benefits for specific market segments, customers and prospects.

Padovani Communications excels at creating crisp, personable and effective marketing communications that cut through the clutter and competition. We can help you stand out from the crowd by focusing on your salient qualities and benefits in a wide range of marketing communications, including:

  • Web sites
  • Brochures
  • Sell sheets
  • Case studies
  • Email ad campaigns
  • Customer newsletters
  • Read a case study...

Employee and Member Communications

Engaging and motivating employees to perform is critical to the success of any company, just as inspiring members to participate and contribute is the lifeblood of any not-for-profit organization. We can help you create a thoughtful communications program that moves beyond simply conveying information to:

  • Reinforce core values
  •  Explain cultural differences among global workforces
  • Focus workers and members on achieving key organizational goals
  • Celebrate successes, new business wins, new products and other important milestones
  • Showcase teamwork, customer service and other critical qualities

Media relations and training

By quoting your leadership team or profiling your organization, traditional media and alternative media such as bloggers can offer your company a third-party stamp of credibility that other marketing simply cannot rival. We can help you design and implement a targeted and sustained media relations campaign that raises your awareness and builds your reputation with key constituents.

We also can prepare you to maximize your interviews with media training, developed and delivered by our media insiders.  Our approach to media relations and media training is tried-and-true. We have an excellent track record in generating extensive positive coverage in print, online, radio and TV outlets for our clients, from major national and international outlets to key trades and local media. Read a case study.

Writing coaching and training

Few things are more critical to success in business than communicating clearly and persuasively. Too often, though, the memos, presentations, emails and letters of everyday business life fail to achieve their intended purpose because of fixable errors, including confusing organization, poor sentence structure or word choice, and grammar and spelling mistakes.

Padovani Communications can help executives measurably improve the effectiveness of their writing.

We equip each executive with the skills he or she needs to be a more effective communicator. We do not simply edit their work; rather we help executives understand and use important principles for powerful communications.

They learn to apply them on their own and thus become more successful in their work.